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I know I’ll probably lose a lot of friends with this post, since I am technically in that age group when I’m supposed to be religious.

But I am not. That’s besides the point. But I never stepped onto the zones of those who are religious (Hindus, this time) and post numerous photos of gods and goddesses on their social media, whatsapp, etc and have ignored them. I don’t respect the ardent public display of affection about their choice of religion and their way of worship. But never spoke about it. I have seen hardcore realists and journalists by the night, murmur a few inane Sanskrit word which  they do not comprehend, by the day, during worship at home.

It was all fine. I was having a gala time watching all that. Till today.

When I saw someone share a picture of Kamakhya Goddess’s ‘Yoni’ and asked everyone to share that so that they can see a miracle in their lives in a few days. (I never share, and I never have any miracles. That’s again another topic.)

But what is ‘Yoni’?

Do you know what is ‘Yoni’?

I didn’t know what is ‘Yoni’.

On research I learned it’s not just the female organ in its complete form, it’s a ‘bleeding female organ’!! Look at the picture. It’s a female organ, with blood-like things running down like a river.

Image result for Kamakhya Yoni

The Kamakhya temple is dedicated to the tantric goddesses. Apart from the deity Kamakhya Devi, compound of the temple houses 10 other avatars of Kali namely Dhumavati, Matangi, Bagola, Tara, Kamala, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshwari and Tripuara Sundari. There is no statue, idol or image of Devi in the temple, but in the corner of the cave in the temple, there is sculptured image of the yoni or Vagina of the goddess, which is the object of worship and reverence. (Source: Kamakhya is supposed to be a very ‘jagrata devi’ (Living, and listens to all your problems, grants you your desire.)


Goddess sculpture in the Kamakhya temple

The last I heard was about Shiv Ling. Hindus had forever worshipped Shiv Ling (The penis of God Shiv in an intercourse state with a female Goddess’s Yoni) for a very long time.

Image result for Shiv Ling

Why Shiva is Worshiped in His Phallic Form:

Once Brahma and Vishnu, two deities of the holy Trinity, had an argument. Brahma being the Creator of the world declared himself to be revered, while Vishnu, the Preserver, argued that he commanded more respect. A colossal Lingam which was the Jyotirlinga appeared before them. Both were awestruck by its increasing size. They both forgot the quarrel and decided to determine its size. Vishnu took the form of a boar and went to netherworld and Brahma swan flew to skies. Both the deities failed to accomplish the task. Then, Shiva appeared out of the Lingam and stated that he was the progenitor and should be worship in his phallic form and not in his anthropomorphic form. Shiva Lingas are made of stone and are carved or naturally existing. They are made of metal, gems, wood, precious stones and transitory materials such as ice.


My fingers shake to type this… but dear Hindus. Do you really have a dearth of Gods that you now have to worship their sexual organs? You don’t consider it abnormal, bordering on perversion, to apply vermilion on the above statue’s vagina??? And how long have you been doing this? And how many of you KNOW what you were worshiping??

We blame the Muslims for their tyrannical ways. We blame Christians for being too fundamentalists. And we Hindus are just a culture, a harmless way of life, that many, many people are adopting. I had been in splits once when a Muslim friend asked me as I related the tales of Goddess Durga to him: “Aaap saap ko bhi pujte hain? Kamaaal hain!” (You worship snakes too? Terrific!)

But this shakes me up. Where are we going with our Hindu religion? Who told you you could worship a woman’s vagina, a blood-filled vagina. Who gave you the right to do so? And do you know, that a real woman who is having her periods is not allowed to visit the temple?

The temple of Kamakhya as in all Hindu ‘Mythology’ has a very interesting bed-time story of its origin. It is one of the 108 Shakti peeths. The story of the Shakti peeths goes like this; once Sati fought with her husband Shiva to attend her father’s great yagna. Despite her husband Lord Shiva’s disapproval, Sati had gone to attend the universal ‘yajna’ organised by her father Daksha. Shiva was not invited, and was also abused by Daksha. Unable to bear the insult, Sati committed suicide. When Shiva came to know that his beloved wife had committed suicide, he went insane with rage. He placed Sati’s dead body on his shoulders and did the Tandav or dance of destruction.

To calm him down, Vishnu cut the dead body with his chakra. The 108 places where Sati’s body parts fell are called Shakti peeths. Kamakhya temple is special because Sati’s uterus and vagina fell here.

Okay. That’s a mythology, and interesting story to tell to children. Even I had heard about it. But, are you serious? I mean, do you even think what you are doing in your adult days? You are BELIEVING in that child’s bed-time tale!

Who told you that a part of Goddess Kamakhya fell wherever it did and that happened to be her vagina? Who gave you the right to worship a vagina when you’ve been raping them for years? If not on the road, in your bedroom. At parties, in public vehicles, fingering her vagina without her consent.

Moreover, if Goddess Kamakhya had been really existing, do you think, as a woman she would have liked this? Her vagina on display?

Think, darlings think. Before blindly following what these maniacal tantriks tell you to do. For Islam, we blame the jihadists to corrupt their minds. For  other religions we blame on the fundamentalists. What do you think these purohits and tantriks are doing to you?

Wake up, Hindus.

And one more thing. I am speaking from first-hand experience. I had had experience with a tantrik for some time. I have done my share of planchette and talked with ghosts (whatever…). I’ve been to scores of astrologers to know they only talk to your weak mind. And I have walked away strong knowing that our destiny is what we make it, with perhaps the aid of science, technology, our skills, money and hard work, in that order. We reach exactly where we want to. God may be there… I haven’t turned an atheist yet, but he’s certainly not looking into why Sam pulled Tommy’s hair yesterday and trying to spew a new punishment on Sam. He has a Universe to run. We are just a microscopic dust in a tiny, blue, juvenile ball, that has been very luckily placed in the Goldilocks Zone. The Man/Woman’s a busy guy.

God only helps those who help themselves… why, because YOU ARE GOD! You have the power, and you just realized it after encountering an orange-vermilion-dumped tree-trunk which you thought looked like Hanuman. And you thought you experienced a miracle. You prayed because you were weak, or you wanted something more and more from life. And then when you became stronger, with time and external support, you owed it all to God, or blamed Him for everything.

I was a believer at 20. Was doubtful at 30. Clutched onto my runny beliefs at 40. And swaying more the atheism way at 50. I don’t think I’ll meet any God when I die. I’m too inconsequential. I’ll just burn, and vanish. We all will. Like plants. Like ants. Like ant-eaters. Even if I do meet the Supreme, I have a few questions to ask Him/Her, that’s besides the point.

It all fell into place. You mean to say that the thousands of refugees in Syria and the children never prayed in whichever God they believed?  You mean the victims of mass rape in Syria and sex-slaves never prayed when they were repeatedly used for sex and burnt in cages for not complying? What was God doing?

You mean Nirbhaya never prayed?

Just shut up! You morons! Just shut up! You blame everything on God and go to worship her bleeding vagina not even knowing what it is! You pour barrels of milk on Shiva’s penis not even knowing why you do it! You feed stone idols of Ganesha milk just because some moron spread the news. GAWD! That was surface tension that was pulling the liquid up and out of the spoon, before gravity caused it to run down the front of the statue! Science! Basic.

I know I’ll lose a lot of friends overnight, as I am in that age when I should be singing hymns, chanting slokas, performing Karwa Chauth, downloading the ‘Shakti’ app so that my progeny too learns the difference between songs and ‘bhajans‘. But I am slowly turning an atheist.And I can’t go into that realm. … Maybe I’ll be boiled in hot oil when I reach heaven. And tell them I wasn’t boiled here enough.

But till then, I care for you friends. Please don’t post Goddesses’ vagina photos on Facebook to show how little your faith you have in yourself. Please don’t share God’s  Phallic Form as a PDA.

Do whatever you do, even Black Magic, in your little secrecy. The world need not know. Because these things are like drugs and pornography. Public display should be banned immediately.


(These theories are the brainwaves of my 16-year-old son, Aneesh Chatterjee. Please pardon if you see any atrocities. You can join in the debate if you want to)

[Spring Model of Time, single line theory]

Time is only a human concept. It is a name given by humans to the speed of the constant progression of the universe. Time is endless, and has no beginning – so to speak. One could say time is a circle, but an ever-changing one. Imagine time to be a drawn circle, where parts of the curved line are in different colours. Think of your finger to be the progression of time. As you trace your finger along the line, you produce new colours on the circular line, but the ones you have already created remain same behind – until your finger reaches the point from where you started. It is here when the circle, from your starting point, duplicates into another circle, connected by a single strand of time. Here, new colours form as you move your finger over the new circle, a different colour each time but remaining the same behind you. When your finger reaches the starting point, the circle duplicates yet again, and so on. This forms a sort of “spring” shape, where a series of infinite circles are all connected by single strands of time in the same locations. This is the Spring Model of Time.

The past does not change. The future, however, remains ever changing. Does everyone have a different perception of past, present and future? Do we, as human beings, see our own locations of past, present and future in time? Going against everything Albert Einstein has said about time, no. That is impossible. In my opinion, time is one supreme being; all entities in the universe follow only one single line of time. How we see that line, whether it reaches us at a particular speed – does not affect the flow of time in general. The concept of light years states that something that has happened many light years away will be visible to us many years after it has actually happened. Is this, then, the destruction of the single line of time? Do we see the present much later than its present? When joined with speed and distance, yes. However, how we see it does not affect how it works. We can watch a 3D movie wearing special glasses, but does that mean the pictures are actually 3D? No. They are only how we precept it, with the use of external additions (glasses). Similarly, we see explosions in space long after they took place because of external additions (distance and speed). The pictures on the screen remain 2D, and the single line of time remains unhampered, when external additions are removed. So, the Spring Model of Time is formed by a single line only, never overlapping and constantly moving forward. But wait – if it is moving forward, where did it start? Does time have a beginning? Will it have an end? No, it will not. This part of time is beyond human understanding (currently). We do not know, nor can we comprehend, the beginning and end of time. Time is constant, ever-moving, and – with our current understanding – infinite.

The “present” part of the Spring Model – the part where you are now – always, always has an equal distance of time in both past and future directions. So, if we could see “present” marked as a red dot on the Spring Model, the dot would appear not to move. However, it is moving, and that is all we need to know. But let’s move away from the reality, and dive into fantasy. This realm has other theories of time, but can we dissect them?

Freezing Time [Time-Locomotion Fabric Effect, train theory]

 You’ve seen it in superhero comics, movies, cartoons, and even some novels. The concept of frozen time has fascinated humans ever since they acknowledged the existence of time. A universe where nothing moved; where clocks stopped, people became statues, water stopped flowing, birds remained suspended in midair. If, theoretically, the entire universe was frozen, and you were the only person not affected – imagine the passing years. One could think that they would grow old while time remained frozen, and eventually die, while everyone else remained young. Is that really true? In my opinion, no. Here’s what I believe would happen: you would gain age, grow old and die, but so would the rest of the world. Why? Because the concept of freezing time, really, only means freezing movement. If one day, everything stops moving, people will think time is frozen. That isn’t true at all, is it? Time cannot be frozen, because it is not a physical entity – even at the atomic level. Time, in a way, shares equal qualities with God. God is timeless, supreme, only one, and untouchable. No one, and nothing, can touch time, and thus, cannot freeze it. So, if “time froze”, and you grew old, the frozen people would also age. Food would rot. Skin would sag. Muscles would weaken. However, all this, without locomotion. Frozen movement does not affect the products of time. This is called the Time-Locomotion Fabric Effect. So, is it possible, even theoretically, to actually freeze time?

As said before, no. To freeze time means to stop its progression completely. But how can you stop its progression if it has no end? Imagine time to be a train. If you want to stop the train, the only way for you to do that is to put something in front of the train to halt it with an obstacle. However, how can you do that if you cannot find the “front”? How can we surpass time itself, and stop it from progressing? If the train is truly infinite in both directions, it is impossible to find its “front” or “back”. There is no possible theory for freezing time. Now, let’s move on to the other branch of time in this realm, a branch that mystifies humans most of all…

Time Travel

 Who hasn’t dreamt of this? We all have thought of what it would be like to see what the future looks like; we all want to hop into a fancy-looking time machine and travel ahead thousands of years, where cities float in the sky and the moon and mars have human civilization upon them. We all want to go back to see how dinosaurs lived, how they fought, what they truly looked like, how cavemen discovered fire, and see great minds in the flesh such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein; we want to witness the discoveries and breakthroughs that have created the civilization we have today.

If we want to think about time travel, we have to go back to the Spring Model of Time. Recall how the spring stretches infinitely in both past and future directions, from the present. The theory is simple – the moving finger represents the speed of light. If we could move faster than it, we would be time travelling. Of course, there’s much, much more to it than that, but extended time travel is such a woolly subject that any theory could make sense if you put in some existing scientific logic into it. Scientists say it’s possible to travel into the future with enough speed. Gravity and mass affects time travel, too – according to modern sources. The future’s easy, theoretically. The past, however, is truly horrifying. We’ve all seen Back to the Future, and the chaos that nearly happened with that. Imagine that happening to you – or worse, imagine seeing yourself. What would your past self do? What would you do, if you saw your twin one day? We all know how dangerous time travel can be. So, for the sake of humanity, let’s just stay away from it.

Time is one of the few biggest mysteries in the universe, along with black holes, the Big Bang, the much discussed Big Rip, and of course, God. But God is a belief, so why connect it to science? Well, has science ever looked into the non-physical? Has science ever tried to see what can’t possibly be seen? Touch what can’t be touched? Do we always need to have solid, profitable proof of something before we try to dive into it? You say “God doesn’t exist, because his existence hasn’t been proven.” Well, so what? Maybe, if we looked into what hasn’t been proved, we could actually find a way to prove it. Maybe, if we stopped being so cynical and straightforward, we could see something we’ve been ignoring for hundreds of years.

(Aneesh Chatterjee is also the author of Requiem of Supremacy, published last year)