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This is one special year! Maa Durgaa is visiting a green Poschimbongo. And I, being 12,500 kms away on the other side of the Earth, am going to miss all the hype associated with Mawmota Banerjee heralding the goddess in a ‘Green’ land after unearthing numerous skeletons from the ‘Red’ cupboard. Power of shokti, eh?

With Bangla pronunciations creating a sudden new upsurge in the country, I will surely be delighted to make my lips rounded and write in a language that Bengawlees are more comfortable with. Maybe, we can finally get rid of our borrowed accent and slip into the comfort zone of our rotund one. We may even want to launch a dictionary with the right kind of spellings and accent. What say, Maanosh Chawkroborty and Baachi Kaarkaria?

I miss the national hullabaloo concerning Poschimbongo/Bongo/Baanglaa. I wasn’t sure which name came into force until I heard Awmitabho Bawchchon, the other day, pronouncing the name of the state as rotund as possible on KBC. He even translated ‘Lotus Stem’ for one Bengawlee contestant with a rounded, “Dhyarosh”. :O

On a bit of research I found that the esteemed writers may have been more flummoxed if they had done even a wee bit research on the Bengawlee language.
Wikipedia explains: “Bengali or Bangla is an eastern Indo-Aryan language. It is native to the region of eastern South Asia known as Bengal, which comprises present day Bangladesh, the Indian state of West Bengal (read Poshchimbongo), and parts of the Indian states of Tripura and Assam… With nearly 300 million total speakers, Bengali is one of the most spoken languages (ranking sixth) in the world… Barishali (Barishal region), Noakhali, Rongpore, Khulna, Mymansingh, Sylheti (Sylhet region) are major spoken dialects in country. Chittagonian, Chakma and Rohingya are some of the many languages that are often considered dialects of Bengali.” Not counting the Sadhubhasha and Cholitbhasha.

Whew! That was one education for me too! :O

So, now such honored writers like Chawkroborty and Kaarkaria, are even more stumped as to which dialect of Bengawlee they should try to ridicule in their spare times. 😀

I am missing Poschimbongo this pujo, also because I will miss visiting the pandel which features Mawmota’s face as Debi Durgaa. And I wonder how many skeletons will feature in the lighting! I am anxious of the jatra names too: Mawmota elo Khawmotay, Kongkaaler sesh Rokhtobindoo or maybe Teesta ekti Nodir Naam!

May the ridicules continue! May the nation sing all the five stanzas of ‘Jono Gono Mono Odhinyoko Joyo Hay’ with their lips firmly rounded into a circle! 😀