Becoming an NRI

After about living in Canada for 3 months, someone mentioned over the phone: “Hey you are an NRI!!” And then it struck me. NRI!!!! That term held such magic back home! An NRI account in a bank will fetch you a double coke! A NRI status in a restaurant or a five-star hotel will fetch you extra service. If you are a bankrupt NRI, people in India will think you are kidding, right? Add a few words in NRI accent and there will be a visible awe around you. Think of NRIs and you think of a different genre of people… holding magic wands to transform the dismal state of affairs into a rosy picture. “Mamata Banerjee in a meeting with NRIs!!!” “NRIs investing more in Indian economy,” “Ramdev Baba has more NRI support!” “The party is targeting the NRIs!”

Oopss! I looked around. I hope no one is “targeting” me, ’cause instead of contributing something to the country’s economy I could do with the countrymen contributing some to MY economy!

Struggling in a new land all over again at middle age and trying to make two ends meet has taken up so much of my ‘economy’, that I looked to crouch under the bed whenever people back home mentioned casually, “Hey, when are you coming to India next?” I was supposed to be an NRI and conjure dollars magically the moment I stepped out of the airport.

Life as an ‘NRI’ is tough. It’s hard work to meet the needs. Now don’t say I am kidding, because the kind of ‘hard work’ that we have to do has a literal meaning. And I am sure you know what’s that.

So this is going to be the story of an NRI. And shed some light to Indians back home about how to become an NRI.

  1. sonia says:

    🙂 Love your insight and wholeheartedly agree with the lament.. so lets call this the Lament of an NRI: The grass is not always green on the other side:-)…



  2. apu28 says:

    Please feel free to comment so that I don’t feel I am talking to a wall. 😛 😛


  3. d.chatterjee says:

    honest 🙂


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