Breaking from the womb

Posted: January 19, 2017 in For a thought....

of-course-im-a-good-motherIt’s unnatural, right…when you say that the womb you were born from is poisonous?

When you have lived half your life and you realize that all along it was a lie?

When the vile concept of being a girl child, that was all along an ‘outside’ factor, starts seeping into your own existence till you realize you have been a victim too?

It’s unnatural to believe that a Mother can be so vile. Right?

Yet it’s true. It’s as true as daylight. As true as the sun, the sky, the stars, the beautiful universe that the womb opened and let the girl child into. Yet that womb is so vile: jealous, selfish, cruel, unloving, uncaring, almost willing to dispose off the lump of flesh into a nearby dustbin, if not for the Dad, who wanted a daughter so much.

And it’s because of the Dad the tiny lump of female species survived.

In a world where mothers are herald as angels, I herald one Father as a saint. Who made up for the lack of mother’s love in his daughter’s life, by playing with her, making her stand on his one hand, giving her the best education he could afford, taking her to a vacation when her heart was broken to a million pieces, staying up with her half the nights during her exams, making coffee and Bournvita, giving her the freedom to chose and courage to take her own decisions. While, all along, the mother despicably viewed her daughter growing up, with hostility — often giving vile names to the father-daughter bond.

Let me speak about that Dad. No one speaks about dads.

Let me speak about one Dad who gave her daughter wings to fly, take challenges in life, fund her challenges, support her whenever she got weak, let her cry on his shoulders.

After almost half a century of living in a lie, the daughter learned that her mother was mentally ill all along, since she was a product of hatred for being a girl-child. And all that envy, resentment and toxic feelings that she secreted towards her was a product of her corrupted mind. Now the daughter doesn’t know whom to sympathize with — her mother or herself.

The mother was “mentally ill” and abhorred her daughter so much that she never once felt proud of her daughter’s achievements, never once hugged the daughter who won several awards and medals during her student life. The daughter won accolades and love everywhere, just never got any joy or love from her mom when she got back home.

The mother never once felt love or sadness when she was leaving her house after marriage, never once empathized with her when she was heavily pregnant with her first grandchild, tortured her mentally, emotionally, physically, till she was forced to leave her home in that state.

Let me talk about a mom, who used her daughter’s strength whenever she couldn’t do anything on her own. And then discard her when the job was done. Who used each of her own children against one another so that her children always hated one another and stayed divided.

Let me tell you about THAT kind of a mother today. Who never shed a single tear when her daughter left the country forever alone and who got upset whenever her daughter wanted to come home. Who never let her toddler daughter take the window seat in trains, buses, cars or even airplanes. Let me speak about that selfish, girl-child-hating mother today…

Let me tell you the story of the daughter who stood against her mother’s toxicity and on her own feet, made a recognition for herself, and broke free from that womb.

Let me tell you how she cried for days trying to teach herself how to break from that womb, as there was no one to teach her how to do it, no one to share this with (and no tutorials on internet.)

Let me tell you about a successful girl-child who was hated by her mother for being a girl from her birth.

It’s time to tell you about her…

(Disclaimer: This is inspired from true, erratic events occurring around me, and bears no resemblance to any particular person, living or dead)



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