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Posted: September 17, 2016 in For a thought...., Laughing at life, Serious matter
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Welcome to my blog!

I started connecting with people after I left them all. Before that I was a grumpy grouch, poring over the computer screen, making pages, running to office and running back home. After I left the country and settled in this peaceful land called Canada, and my basic survival needs were easily met, I relaxed and looked around. I found no one. I started panicking, and thanks to the internet, began to connect with friends, colleagues and enemies like never before.

Thankfully, behind the wall of the computer screen, I could be myself. My real self. Not hide behind a wall of grumpiness to protect myself from invisible hurt.

In this blog, I am posting stories of reality and laughter. Reality, which will hit you like cold water… which you won’t like; and laughter, which will put a smile to your face.

Some of these were published before the internet age. The yellowing newspaper clippings are all that I have of the articles which would have been soon lost if I didn’t start typing them furiously somewhere.

Very soon, I started having almost 200 visits on my blogs after each post. So I started writing more. My blog is also a mutiny against the staid media and publishing houses, which are hounded and bound by so many ethical/moral laws and word restraint before they publish something.

I am born free… therefore I write. 🙂
(And please feel free to comment on anything)
Kaberi Chatterjee

  1. susmita says:

    lovely … thank you for bringing back the writings … especially for me .. who mayb didnt read them then 🙂 am thouroughly enjoying the laughter riot … 🙂


    • apu28 says:

      Thanks Sush for the comment. I am glad u like it. U seem to be an avid reader!! I will post more when I get the time to type them out.


  2. geeta singh says:

    fantastic.fresh as the first shower of rain. pardon me my English.strange that i want to read again.communicate again.i was so bored truely.


  3. apu28 says:

    Thanks Geeta for all your lovely words. I am glad I have been able to bring a smile on your face. :)) Keep reading.


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