Will a toddler’s death unite the world?… Or annihilate it?

Posted: September 13, 2016 in For a thought....
Humanity washed ashore

Humanity washed ashore

One picture spoke a million words and propelled the migrant issue right into the faces of the world leaders. Even as I write this, the European Nations are getting thronged by thousands of immigrants fleeing from Syria and the neighboring countries, and the nations struggling to meet their influx.

Even when I write this, the immigration issue, fuelled by a fall of the Syrian government and ISIS-led brutal regime, who had been suffering and dying in millions for so long, is snowballing into an issue the world might take up arms for.

More than 1000 Muslim clerics in India declared a fatwa on the ISIS. Australia confirms air strikes in Syria, announces additional 12,000 refugee places. Mayor Tory asks Torontorians to keep any spare bedrooms to temporarily house refugees, even as Canada’s PM Harper alludes a move to accelerate the refugee resettlement process.

There’s so much going on that every intelligent and well-aware Canadian is now looking up Google to know what this Syrian crisis is all about and why should Canada be affected by it.

Fact is that, why just Canada? Soon the influx is going to affect the entire world at large. One reacts only if one’s tail is on fire. And what millions of suffering people could not do, was done by this gut-wrenching photograph of the 3-year-old boy, Aylan Kurdi — of him washed ashore dead on a beach in Turkey. This photo actually set rolling a chain of reactions, such that now each country is under tremendous pressure of accepting refugees.

As I write this, the IS has declared that it has smuggled hundreds of extremists into Europe in the guise of innocent migrants, which is the most clever and obvious thing to do.

Logically, the world should now unite to fight the root cause of this crisis and join hands to fight terrorism and extremism, which they should have done long ago, instead of harboring and ignoring the issue.

If, in such a case, Europe joins hands with the Arab nations, Russia, Australia attack Syria, and India joins in along with UAE, as was promised by Narendra Modi during his last visit to Dubai, this will be the first war of humanity against terrorism….

Or the largest nuclear bomb to annihilate all humans. Our back is against the wall, it’s humanity’s choice now!

(Published in The South Asian News, Cover Story, Friday September 11, 2015)


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