To The Adult.

Posted: August 7, 2014 in For a thought....

I quivered that day… But it must have been a story told-and-retold.. over eternity…

But I still quivered that day…

It must have happened to millions and billions of living things before me..

But I still quivered.

Not from fear, but from excitement.

My pain wasn’t important. The creation was.

I quivered as I delivered my own creation!

Today the sheer audacity of it’s existence is overpowering the joys of it surviving.

The pain is becoming very important…

As the precious bud explodes into becoming an ‘adult’.

Piercing pain that millions experienced before me

But is still tearing my soul apart.

Shredding it into bits everyday, crushing it with its logic and pride.

The creation is turning ‘Human’…

I hope it is turning ‘Human’….

I hope it becomes ‘Human’….


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