Sita hadn’t had sex for 18 years… Until now…

Posted: May 14, 2014 in For a thought....

DISCLAIMER: This is strictly a woman’s issue. This article is not responsible for any man’s reaction. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to a person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

It began happening right after childbirth. Her body bloated, she was lactating, she smelt baby food, the baby pee and that adoring smell of shit all over her and Sita was so busy enjoying her motherly curves, and the uninhabited intimacy with her baby, she forgot that her body was possessed by another man quite passionately just a few days ago.

In fact, whenever the man came to her vicinity, she was reluctantly trying to switch into being the passionate woman once, and then growled back become the endearing mom the next. Often simultaneously. It’s a very, very difficult job and all mothers know this.

Quite naturally, the person she was married to settled quite silently into the next room. She gave him food and water, asked him how he was… barely,


Her baby was needing her every single moment, even before the second hand clicked twice.

She hadn’t answered a single call while not holding baby in one hand, cleaning baby’s potty, giving him a bath, feeding her. She hadn’t read a single newspaper for a year. She just watched the television soaps while putting him to sleep and sang a lullaby or two while doing so, songs she knew.

The baby grew up, her nature of the problems changed. This time she was undergoing depression of going to school. So after being in a night shift till 3 in the morning, Sita had to wake up diligently at 6.30, woke herself up with a large glass of lemon-honey in boiling, hot water. Literally shook her sleep out of her eyes and sung a lullaby in a groggy voice to wake up her heroine. She switched on her cartoon channel while dressing her in the bed. Then, as her daughter came to terms that she had to go to school, despite all, Sita sent her to the washroom. Her all-understanding maids were her Man-Fridays who filled up a lot of void.

Meanwhile, her biological father, who was quite busy at the washroom, humming, would be ready by then and would do Sita the favor of dropping his daughter to school. But often he would say he had a meeting and left fast…. and then they ran, to catch the first rickshaw or first auto to make it to school on time.

Till the age of 10.

10 years passed. And Sita never had any sex!

10 years the person she’s married to hadn’t strayed (in societal standards) but had moved away quite far!

And it was already time for Sita and her daughter to start life all over again in a different land. For Sita and her daughter, because the person she was married to didn’t want to go.

Though the person she was married to later followed her, (he loved them, he said) and took charge of all the financial burdens, Sita and the person she’s married to are just two strangers now living as room mates.

Sex? What’s that?

Ookok.. I am sure a lot of women out there are making the ‘Tsk’ sound and scrolling below to make a comment. Wait! Wait! There’s more.

The person Sita is married to, not just physically, even mentally moved miles away from them, though they lived under the same roof. He has not grown intellectually, while Sita has grown wings to reach the sky now in her career. Her cerebral prowess was clearly far superior. The man she was married to had a hard time catching up with her. He still wallowed in slapdash jokes and a peg or two of whiskey with any of his 500 friends on his Facebook friend list. For him, everyone in his life is of utmost importance, baring his own family, with whom he was mentally miles apart.

He had no clue what are the duties of a father, to even consider fulfilling them.

Sex? What’s that?

Another 8 years.

Now her daughter is almost 18. She asked the person she’s married to one night, directly, looking straight into his eye. (Quite unlike for a woman to do so) “Can we have sex?”

He looked up from his laptop. Quite shocked at the blatancy. “No. I’m too tired after all this… And now, look at you?” He said after a pause and walked away.

Sita looked at herself. Yes, she had the bloated figure which she never cared for because her mind was into “other” things. Lots of “other” things.

But she didn’t quite hate it and she didn’t quite think having a good body should lead to sex, particularly between a man and his wife.

But she somehow could not digest the insult. So she asked: “So is it okay for me to have sex elsewhere?”

Stumped, he shrugged. “Yea… I guess…If you feel the urge.” Predictably, not meeting her eye.

Sita must be lucky to have married to a person like that, and lived with the person for 20 years! She must be lucky. Oh! Why didn’t she ask before?

So, there is a secret in Sita’s life. There can be a secret in your life. Don’t be afraid. We know for every woman to step out of her ‘home’, there has to be a REAL good reason. A secret.



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