Add a Tang to your life!

Posted: April 3, 2014 in For a thought....
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Add a Tang to your life!

Penchant was to preserve what was slipping from our fingers: The vibrancy of magazines, the colors, the design, the layout, the words, the stories, the content, the passion. Penchant was to make use of what was available now: Technology, and create an online designer mag that would smear colors and add tang to the fading flavors of the world. We needed an online magazine which would bring the world together. Unify skin colors, fade borders and highlight humanity.
We realized we had the experience, we had the team, we had the expertize. All we needed was the zeal to make it happen. We chose the younger generation’s fervor and the older generation’s expertize to launch CITRUS… for posterity of humankind…
For you:


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