Rahul, you should have apologized

Posted: January 28, 2014 in For a thought....
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Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami at the Times Now interview, his first in 10 years


I had to write and rewrite this blog, as I realized this interview (#RahulSpeaksToArnab) is speedily gnawing at the sensitive pockets of the 1984 riot victims. For all his inane remarks that Rahul Gandhi said, while getting himself entangled in a ball of yarn thrown at him by my one-time bro-buddy, Arnab Goswami, on Times Now last night, the Gandhi grandson’s 1984 riot remark has made him put his both his feet right into his guts!

I won’t be surprised that by the time India sees the Wednesday daylight, sparks will have ignited across the country due to his 1984 riot remark. I sincerely hope not.

It was a conscious decision for me to leave India in 2009, after having battled for 42 years with corruption. The last 10 years, especially, when the UPA government and CPI (M) in West Bengal were at their political worst. But this is the first time in last four years that I turned around and was once again interested in Indian politics. Or the lack of it, I may say. Poor Shehzada! He was reluctantly tied on a chair which had a Tandoor below, hell-fire above and jabbing arrows from all other sides. And to have Arnab grill him, albeit slowly over hell-fire. I was so amused to see the grandson of our own Iron Lady, who we had watched growing up after his father’s assassination with lots of sympathy, get cooked in ‘Arnab fire’; get roasted stealthily; until he was ready to run and cry: “Mummmmyyyyy!!”

As Arnab tweeted: Ppl frm othr countries are jealous of India & its opportunities. Even if u are an idiot, you can aspire to become anything. Even a PM. #RaGa

So we know. After seeing and going gooey-eyed over dashingly (?) handsome Rahul and confident-looking Priyanka, who we thought would carry the baton of their grandmom, are in real life, idiots. Thank God Priyanka never gave an interview. I don’t know how she would have tied herself in knots and how the country of 1.27 billion people, some of who still have hopes pinned on her, would have reacted.

I don’t understand politics much, just was curious to know the fate of my motherland, as I was watching it from a safe distance. I have been there, done my bit, and I don’t wish to burn my butt any more.

But the humor in this entire anecdote soon is turning grim as the victims of 1984 riots and their families are reacting after waiting for justice in patience for 30 years. What would have happened if the Congress Vice President apologized? Would he have been beaten up by his mom? Now he is about to be beaten up by the mob! I witnessed the 1984 riots. I remember how the Sikhs were burned with burning tires tied to them. I remember how the riots and massacre sliced the country up into pieces. I also remember the Gujarat riots, how the bodies of those massacred were paraded, how a pregnant woman’s womb was sliced open and foetus thrown into fire.

Everyone should apologize. If they want a fresh start, they should go down on their knees and beg for apology. We only talk about the British apologizing to us for Jallianwalabagh massacre? What about these home-grown murderers? How can they be let scot-free?

All said and done, I wonder what the voters are going to do on the morning of the upcoming spring Lok Sabha elections? A majority will vote Narendra Modi, I am sure, as he is a good administrator, albeit everything. But a huge minority, who will never forgive him for the 2004 genocide; and a whole lot of sensible people, who can see the gleaming greed in his twinkling eyes, as he teams up with Baba Ramdev to whistle at the yoga crowds, will be in a fix.

Who do they vote for? AAP? For Kejriwal, who, despite all his noble intentions, is just another male Mamata Banerjee?

I am really sorry for the Indian voters. And I am sorry for my country. When I was there, I never voted. Never. Because I didn’t think democracy in reality was in practice then. I would have just been making fun of myself trying to vote for someone. Now I am out of the country and I can’t even vote.

As the Lok Sabha elections near, it is getting more and more antagonizing (hopefully, amusing) to watch from a distance the trio entangle themselves inside a circus ring trying to loop in their voters. Politicians, when will you take your jobs seriously?


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