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Posted: December 24, 2013 in For a thought....
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The other day my son and I were discussing over dinner table how I think it’s a great idea for all youth, from 14 to 19, undergo mandatory military training. And this should be applied in ALL countries.

A military training teaches:

  • Basic self-defense
  • Makes your backbone supple enough to learn to take orders from seniors which can come in handy later on in life for jobs, making things easy for you and the boss, and for a smoother office ambiance.
  • Unfortunately, for the Boss, the training also teaches you how to tide over the adversities in life and grab your destination.  Which means the boss’s seats won’t be warm for long. In other words, it builds inner strength and confidence, which our responsible new generation seems to be missing a lot.
  • As a parent, I don’t abhor the Internet. I think it’s good, if we can harness its powers and not give in to it like a slave. Like, not become a slave to Facebook, even when I don’t want to. Why do I have to ‘like’ certain status? Why do I care whether your tongue is purple from eating blueberries? I don’t want to play Farmville, Cityvilles and a whole lot of villes. I don’t want to sign all those petitions, I don’t want to hear all those songs you keep stuffing down my throat. I don’t want to participate in all the discussion which my friends are participating in and I am getting tagged at, constantly. It’s my life. I’d rather watch ‘Kissan’ on TV. Has anyone heard of ‘Kissan’? Good. It’s something I am watching.
  •  Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Sherlock, The Walking Dead – with loads of humans turning zombies — or any other show I don’t know of, you are watching episodes after episodes in one single day,  and not exactly feeling on top of the world and satisfied. But personally beating up two junkies on the road who were harassing a woman and testifying that at the Police Station, may… MAY just seem like a lifetime opportunity!  You MAY come back home with your chests bursting through the seams.
  • But that can happen only when you know how HARD you can hit. And that comes from military training, to know what your body is capable of.  Moreover, when you graduate from such training, you’ll be holding a badge for being a silent vigilante. Not for a bad progeny, what say, Mr Super…  Mr Spider… errr ..ooopppssss, Mr BRUCE WAYNE?? !!! BATMAN!!!!
  • But then, again you have to combat the a bigger monster at home. Laziness. To get enrolled in a program, and continue it seriously. Don’t blame parents. 88% of parents won’t want their delicate boys and girls to get muscles and fight for the country. So they are on your side. But which side are you on?
  • I got rather inspired after seeing the teenager in India who fought back her rapist so badly that he escaped. That should be the mindset of women in the entire world about such warped-minded men.  Plans to form an organization based purely on military training is on my Life Cards… But I’ll have to wait.

You guys like reading in bullet form; I’ve given to you in bullet form. Now for you to save yourselves from real bullets from me, if you don’t Google the next Imageavailable military camp nearby and enroll yourselves. I have you at gun-point!

Here are some links in Canada:

For Men:

For Women:

In General:

In India:

  1. Bhaswati Ghosh says:

    Just love the way you write. And I tend to post songs on FB, not meaning to stuff them down peoples’ throats but just to share the joy I feel when I listen to them. But I agree with you on most points “bulleted” here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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