Posted: May 13, 2013 in For a thought....


This blog had always been unconventional, apolitical, politically-incorrect, non-hypocritical and honest, straight from the heart. I wrote on things black, grey, white, and called a spade a spade. Often harsh, cruel, sarcastic and stomach-clutching laughter. It had information too, I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Some digested the contents of the articles with elan, some had to take gastric pills. That’s ok. But the support I got from from readers is overwhelming! Again I don’t want to get all soppy and thank you, going slippery with some politically correct words, not because I can’t, but also because you won’t believe me. You’ll see through the fact I am being politically correct and overtly polite, which I am not.

I won’t thank you ceremoniously also because I know you derived the same kind of happiness from reading the articles, as much as I did while writing.

This time I am about to embark on another adventure, so perhaps I’ll be off writing my kind of stuff for some time. I will become really busy with the responsibility I have taken up with the short story contest that we are holding at FinalDraft. Yes, I am the same person, blood and flesh; hence with just 24 hours each day at hand… it’ll be difficult to shed my editor/business-woman garb and put on the writer garb often. I am NOT closing my blog, just taking some time off before I resume. The short contest invites writers from all over the world and the best story, judged by a panel of super secret judges, will win $500 cash down. So you can visit my website if you want to make your own submissions. Hurraaay!!!!! 😀

Meanwhile, all those who haven’t finished what you started writing, please finish and hand then over to me. All those who are forever ‘thinking’ of writing a novel, now is the time to start and write 10 pages down at least everyday. I want to come back and see all your works completed. And you’ll hand in your works like good High School students.

If you have seriously wrote something and would like to enter the contest, just click here.


Kaberi Chatterjee


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