My son’s first giant step into filmdom…

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Laughing at life

Hunting for actors was a major challenge. Jeff Pruce and Rock, the Supervisor of our building volunteered. When Aneesh first showed me the story-board, I knew it was different. From childhood, he used to draw things from bizarre angles — drawing a car from the view of the front wheels, for instance, or starting to draw a human from leg upwards. The story-board had the same perspectives. I would have preferred a few more long shots and feel the editing in the beginning could have lingered on a few scenes, but he is firm in his beliefs.

So here it is, making a wave on YouTube, with almost 200 views in 3 days. Watch it! The Crowsmoor Curse, book trailer directed by Aneesh Chatterjee.

The dead of Crowsmoor are light sleepers.

Some say they sleep with one eye open, keeping watch over the restless ones.

When Beth Trevithick is sent as parish priest to the isolated and scattered community of Crowsmoor, in the middle of bleak Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, she finds a community entrenched in fear and superstition and belief in an ancient curse born of dark magic.

She gets unexpected help in the form of Mike Travis, ex RAF helicopter pilot medically discharged after crashing in war torn Afghanistan, he has turned to his other love, the paranormal, devoting all of his time to paranormal investigation.

Beth soon discovers the fear and superstition in Crowsmoor are well founded
and together with Mike fights for her own sanity and her life.

The Crowsmoor Curse


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