Where knowledge is lost….

Posted: February 20, 2012 in For a thought....
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When my flight took off from Kolkata at the dead of the night for Canada and I saw the last blinking lights of Netaji International Airport vanishing into the timeline, I felt a queer sense of responsibility. I felt I was carrying a piece of India with me: that I was representating India, though no one actually made me the torchbearer.
I am from the land of Tagore, Gandhi, Netaji and Ray. My chest swelled with pride now that I had a chance to show off internationally.
The reality hit me very hard. And it’s going to hit you very hard too.
On the third day, when I went for my SIN Card (Personal identification card which is mandatory in Canada) the lady at the counter asked me my father’s name. I said “Rabindra Nath Dutta.” Yes, my dad is named after that haloed Nobel laureate who lines the blood of India.
“Rabindra Nath? You know Tagore? Rabindra Nath Tagore? My dad has the same name.” I beamed!
The lady nodded, looking a little puzzled.
She smiled and asked politely: “Can you please spell it?”


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