Let’s talk of something else…

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Serious matter

When my readers asked me to post something for the pujas, I was clueless. This is such a sensitive part of me, I do not want to share it with the world. In fact, a number of times I felt quite naked having talked about things that I should have kept to myself. But then, I am a writer. That’s my first job. And enumerating my thoughts and feelings does not mean that they are mine alone… they can be yours too. That is why I get so much traffic on this blog.

In fact the other day, someone searched for my name + marital status. Why??? Did he want to marry me? Unfortunately dear, I cannot. Not because I am married for 17 years, that can be handled, but because I have stopped believing in such long-term closure plans anymore. It gives me a sense of claustrophobia and I think two human beings cannot often handle this. It’s not a very scientific system. This marriage system. After being through an “indestructible” marriage (thanks to my rock stable better half) I told my brother: Please don’t get married. I told his fiance: Please don’t get married.
They got married.
I am telling my son everyday: Please don’t get married….. He’s just 15….. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I know, I know a lot of people from the older generation will pounce upon me and quote me instances as to why marriage is important. I know all the reasons and want to forget them. You can quote them if u want…
However, not being married but still keeping to the commitment has a different charm… Not bound by the society, yet keeping the promises makes life so much more interesting. Guys, guys, guys…. 5 years. That is all is needed for a marriage curd to turn sour. Instead live in. Be friends. Have affairs. Have fun. Have a baby. The law permits now. Bring her/him up together without any commitment or guidelines. It’s just one life.
Sorry, couldn’t write anything on the pujas…. this is all that I came up with. :)))

  1. alkazline says:

    Great writing as usual and holds a lot of truth in today’s times. If relationships could just be based on mutual love,respect and compassion instead of social obligations & rituals, there would be total Bliss!


  2. apu28 says:

    Thanks Alkazline: You have spoken the right lines. If there is not respect in any relationship, it sours. Then again, I have come across such beautiful marriages where the couple are so much still in love. So all I recommend is to not to yield to the pressure of society and cling onto a relationship just because of what will “people” think or because you are too scared to let go of your comfort zone. 🙂


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