I still shudder…

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Serious matter

Ever since I watched the second plane crashing into the North Tower 10 years back, I panic whenever I am in a highrise.

And I was NOWHERE near the attack site, NOWHERE in or near the country of attack. In fact, I was half-way around the world, sitting in my cozy flat in Kolkata, India, feeding my five-year-old son, when I saw this outrageous scene on CNN.

And yet, I am nervous whenever I am on a higher floor of a highrise. I keep figuring out how to escape if a plane suddenly crashed into the building. In fact, scores of bomb attacks and train accidents much near my hometown did not scare me the way this incident did.

The sheer audacity of the act would leave anyone stumped. I being, hundreds of miles away, was profoundly moved by the enormity and atrocity of the act. Even today, I shudder to think how people actually jumped off such high floors in a faint effort to save themselves.

With this blog post, I am not saying anything new, just praying along with the world for those who have lived through the torment and those who have lost the lives of their near ones. Be they of any religion. May they find peace in life.


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