To My Motherland

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Serious matter

It used to swell in the soul and then suddenly all would be over. Somehow I felt incomplete. I would stand up and just as my eyes would fill up with tears, it would reach the crescendo and fade away. I always knew the other verses existed, but I never ever thought one day they would be incorporated into the main song.
I knew the sanctity of the words of the other stanzas would applaud the true essence of the country. However, I never thought someone would actually look up to find out the meaning of the other verses. Tagore wrote a complete song, but only one stanza was sung for the entire 64 years. He embodied all religions, all cultures, all moods in the other 4 stanzas.
Now a five-stanza, 10-minute long India’s National Anthem makes me complete. Thank you India, for this wonderful gift you bestowed to your one child who couldn’t be there with you physically this Independence Day.


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