Oh! What binds men!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Laughing at life

That would be the last time I would watch a cricket match!

India and Pakistan playing to a nail-biting finish is not the domain of men alone. I protest! But what, with such a noble height that Bengali girls are bestowed with, one can expect anything else but to tip-toe behind those handsome hulks in office to catch a glimpse of the ‘baby’ television… much less the match. Grump!

But the day’s opinion is not done with such exasperating opinion of the gentlemen brigade. It is an observation by yours truly, which would call for the feminine task force to force on me. It is called the Gentleman’s Tolerance.

Such a big crowd and not a single complaint from one fellow man to another about the viewing possibilities. The men are ever so indulgent about their fellow mates. Craning their necks from left to right, they managed to view every ball. Their focus was on the match, not on the bobbing heads in front of them So, so tolerant!

Why in an office, or during an Indo-Pak match? Men are ever so accommodating when it came to tolerating their fellow-mates. When someone is dead drunk, for instance, they take him home, carry him to the door, even try to explain that he is innocent to his wife… and if allowed… put him to sleep.

When a not-so-fairer sex hurts a fellow man, they all hate the gal with all their heart. And during a mom-wife spat, they gang up with their father to say nothing. When it comes to smoking together or drinking together, (the latter which they would do even to celebrate their wives’ death), their is a sudden air of conspiracy and all men would suddenly vanish! And dare you tread on their forbidden path!

And we women? Belch!

The only air we breed and breathe is toxic when in a group. This is specially since there are seldom many female life-long buddies. They are principally wives of male buddies. Or covetuos colleagues. Or chums who have their hubbies to show off. In any case, it is noce to scowl at our own image once in a while and learn from men.

What camaraderie!

Such mutuality is to be saluted. We women should learn from them how to flit through life without touching the mundane realities and how to be happy despite ugly differences among friends. How to enjoy a cricket match without much fuss. Or for the matter, how to tolerate a completely alien kind of creation as their life partner — bingo— women!

(This story appeared in Hindustan Times on March 24, 2004 in the City section)


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